Changes to the git repository (2014-03-07)

If you never have cloned the git repository, ignore the following.

I realized that the email in commit messages were wrong, so I have now fixed that for all commits in the history. This implies changing a published branch which is generally not a good thing, but do not fear because this is simple to recover from. None of the content in any commits were changed, so there will be no rebase conflicts.

a) If you only have cloned the repository and not made any changes, just delete the old repository and check out a new one with

git clone git:// atinout

b) Else, if you have any local branches run the following:

if [ `git ls-files -m | wc -l` -gt 0 ]
	git branch | sed -n '/^*/s/^..//p' > YOUR_SAVED_CHANGES.branch
	git diff > YOUR_SAVED_CHANGES.patch
	git checkout `git ls-files -m`

for b in `git branch | cut -c3-`; do git branch __O_L_D__.$b $b; done
git fetch
git fetch --tags
git checkout master
git reset --hard origin/master

# The following will rebase all branches branched off master. If you have
# any branches branched off other branches, adjust correspondingly.

for b in `git branch | cut -c3- | sed -n '/^__O_L_D__./{s/^__O_L_D__.//; /^master$/d; p}'`
	START=`git merge-base __O_L_D__.master $b`
	# Find how many commits beind the tip of master the branch starting point is
	N=`git log --oneline $START..__O_L_D__.master | wc -l`
	# Rebase the branch onto the new master branch at the correct place
	git rebase --onto master~$N $START $b

if [ -f YOUR_SAVED_CHANGES.patch ]
	git checkout `cat YOUR_SAVED_CHANGES.branch`
	git apply YOUR_SAVED_CHANGES.patch

echo "Start \"gitk --all\" or \"gitg --all\" and check that things look ok."
echo "When satisfied then you can run:"
echo "git branch -D \`git branch | cut -c3- | grep '^__O_L_D__\.'\`"

Fedora 20 binaries (2014-03-01)

I have now added binaries for Fedora 20.

Web pages redesign (2013-09-14)

The web pages are split up in separate pages, and with a simple navigation menu. All CSS, no javascript.

Yum repository (2013-09-12)

I have also created a yum repository for Fedora. Download atinout-fedora.repo and copy it into /etc/yum.repos.d.

Pre-compiled binaries (2013-09-09)

I have now added pre-compiled binaries from openSUSE's Build Server available for download.

Version 0.9.1 (2013-09-08)

Version 0.9 (2013-04-24)